Simple & Straightforward

The heart of DSM 5.0 is to provide you with a great convenience, right from the very start. The entire setup progress has been carefully reviewed and reworked. Each step is part of a well thought out journey to easily create your own private cloud.

Refreshed UI Design

Once you log into DSM, you know how to use it. The web-based operating system has a short learning curve. DSM’s clean and refreshed user interface invites you to explore all the packages we have to offer. There’s a lot of usability tweaks to make your user experience top-class.

Anytime, Anywhere Connection with Synology QuickConnect

With Synology QuickConnect service, your data is always at hand. This free remote access service is provided to all Synology users.

quickconnect table

5 great reasons you will love Synology QuickConnect

Synology QuickConnect lets you enjoy more applications than ever before, without the complicated remote access setup. Now you can share lovely photos with friends, listen to music using your very own playlist, watch movies anywhere, sync work files with colleagues, and monitor camera to ensure security. All those advantages come from QuickConnect.

Central Management System

It is becoming rare to see business network infrastructures deploying only one NAS from Synology, as data uses are growing every day. Massive storage consumption is now presenting many challenges in terms of performance, management and efficiency. DSM 5.0 features an innovative Central Management System (CMS) to proactively answer those needs.

TV Streaming

With a new, dedicated DS video app introduced in the Samsung SmartHub, DiskStation is seamlessly linked to your Smart TV. Store as many movies as you like on Video Station, and enjoy the amazing benefits brought by an interactive and high-definition screen.