Synology The Nas which is all in one Package which is the only Company was dedicated to Build An NAS is only for File Backup Solution but Enhance the Feature from DSM

synology dsm42

The Key Feature of DSM:

  • Centralize File Storage & IT Management
  • With Complete Backup Solutions
  • Rich Office Applications
  • Desktop Backup With Data Replicator 3 for Windows Free of License (Inclusive of Outlook Backup, My Document And Selected Folder by User)
  • Server Backup 
  • Privilege User and Folder Control with AES 256bit Password
  • Folder Accessing Server Like
  • Audio Station for Music Management
  • File Station For External Accessing NAS to manage Files
  • Download Station For Download Management
  • Surveillances Station For CCTV like Function
  • Photo Station For you to share your
  • Cloud Station For your Personal Cloud Hosting over the net
  • Personal FTP Solution
  • Mobile Supported : IOS, Android and Windows Mobile Phone 7.5


And Many More .

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