Flexible IT resource management

With virtualization technology, hardware resources such as computing power, storage space, and network interfaces can be flexibly allocated among several virtual machines. Therefore, important or resource-intensive instances can be given more system resources for a smooth user experience.

Multi-tenant Environment

Large organizations or service providers can create a number of isolated virtual machines with virtualization technology, allowing business units or small businesses to deploy applications on virtual machines in a short period of time without needing to implement or maintain a large amount of hardware.

Virtual DSM

Organizations are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and robust storage solution. Virtual DSM allows you to deploy multiple virtual instances of DiskStation Manager, providing a reliable and flexible storage solution with the intuitive experience and robust features of DSM.

Live migration

The non-disruptive live migration allows you to migrate a virtual machine from a Synology NAS to another without interruption. Therefore, organizations can move resource-intensive instances to another Synology NAS when reaching the limit of a Synology NAS.

Robust DSM features

Virtualization needn’t mean compromising the rich DSM features and management tools available on a Synology NAS. Virtual DSM provides handy business applications, such as Cloud Station, Mail Server, and Proxy Server, as well as advanced storage features, like storage quota, NFS, and iSCSI.

High security

Virtual DSM increases the security level of your Synology NAS, as the separation of the physical DSM and virtual machines prevents physical machine from being affected if a virtual machine get attacked.