Penetration Test Services

System Vulnerability / Windows Server Assessment scanning determines the possibility of network security attacks. It evaluates the organization’s systems and network for vulnerabilities such as missing patches, unnecessary services, weak authentication, and weak encryption. This will help you to identify IP/host name, ports, services, live hosts, vulnerabilities, and services running on the target network.

Scanner results include:

  • Identifying active hosts on network
  • Identifying active and vulnerable services (ports) on hosts.
  • Identifying operating systems.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities associated with discovered operating systems and applications.
  • Identifying misconfigured settings.
  • Testing compliance with host application usage/security policies.

Certified Professionals

Each penetration test is perform by Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Pentester. Each task is customized for each customer to ensure accuracy and safety. The result from each test is a detailed report analyzing how an intruder might gain access to internal systems under specific conditions, and the necessary steps to prevent such an intrusion in the future.