Printing Solutions

Printing is an essential function in most businesses – but there is flexibility in how each business approaches printing. And, the approach you choose will affect your cost, level of responsibility and effectiveness.

There’s nothing wrong with going paperless. In fact, it’s a great way to store your documents on your online server while also helping out the environment. Especially, when using office multifunction printers (MFPs). Not to mention how much easier it is to share and edit documents online without having to manually scan them yourself.

However, being a completely paperless business might not be as beneficial as you may think. Even in this fast-paced digital age, we are living in, office printers and hard copies are absolutely still necessary for the success of your business. In order to have a well-rounded, multi-faceted business, it’s important you continue to incorporate both printed and online materials in your business plans.

Here we list our top three reasons why we think it’s imperative to still have office printers at your business:

  1. You’re paperless, but are your customers?
    Just because your office might be paperless does not mean all businesses and customers are on board yet with you. Your business structure is, of course, different from any other businesses out there and the total elimination of office printers might not work for them as it does for you.
  2. Technological issues: hard copies can survive
    Let’s face it, you don’t need us to tell you that computers sometimes crash for reasons we may never be able to prevent. In worst-case scenarios, your company’s personal data, documents, and spreadsheets can be lost permanently, leaving you scrambled and most likely, prolonging the completion of important projects.
  3. The Power Of Physically Holding Something
    Sometimes people just like to have something to hold. Especially, your employees. Depending on the type of person you are, it is easier for some people to work off of a document that they can physically touch and markup, as opposed to looking at it off of their computer screen. There really is something to be said about being able to highlight and handwrite notes on a document.Being able to provide your employees with the option to work off of a physical piece of paper, printed from your office printer, could potentially increase the work productivity in your office.